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Electronic Jacquard Universal Model is Ideal for weaving Flat Designing Fabrics and Technical Fabrics on all types of Power Looms (Shuttle Looms), Rapier Looms. This Jacquard machine is available in these formats 640 Hooks, 960 Hooks and 1344 Hooks.


- This Jacquard Model is very robust and designed for many years of daily use with a minimum maintenance. Due to its compactness the machine can easily be integrated in any weaving mill.
- Quick and Easy to Install
- Gear Mechanism with no Vibration
- Low Friction Engineering reduces Energy Consumption
- Shedding Adjustment option from 75mm to125mm
- Low Height
- Knife Blades are of Align Quality Aluminium Material


Features: Electronic Jacquard - Universal - 640, 960, 1344 Hooks

Field of Application Weaving Machine (Shuttle Looms & Rapier Looms)
Fabrics Suitability All Flat Fabrics and Technical Fabrics (Sarees, Shawls, Stolls, Blankets, Curtains etc.)
Formats Available - 640 Hooks - (10 rows of 8 Modules)
- 960 Hooks - (14 rows of 8 Modules)
- 1344 Hooks - (14 rows of 12 Modules)
Drive System and Shedding - Double lift open shed Jacquard Machine
- Gear Mechanism with High Quality Material
- Low Vibration
- Main drive available with Gear Box & Chain
Hook Selection Amar M5 Modules with Quick Link Correction
Controller - Amar Ver. 2018 Control Unit synchronized with Weaving Machines
- Internal Storage upto 32GB
- Saree-Border Feature available in STT. Format
- All Files, Single File and Selected File mode available


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