Airjet Loom (1000 RPM)

Air-Jet Loom

With the Rapid Development of the Indian Textile Market, Higher Demands have been placed on Air Jet Looms for "High Speed, Convenience and High Quality".

In order to meet the needs of the new market, Amar Loom has launched the "9100" series of high speed heavy-duty air jet looms, which have been meticulously studied in various details, including appearance design, frame structure, shedding, weft insertion, beating, let-off, take-up, and so on. It also draws on the essence of Japanese air jet loom design and applies the design concept of electromechanical integration and modern industry to further meet customers' demand for synthetic fibre, cotton, wool and other fabrics.


- The independently designed and developed robust frame achieves lower vibration during high-speed machine operation, suitable for the production of various density fabrics.

- A new type of beat-up mechanism with good balance.

- Advanced high-speed multi CPU control system, closely cooperating with electronic control manufacturers, continuously improving the performance of electronic control systems.


- A new type of weft insertion system, with its own patent, perfectly matches the main nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, reed, pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, etc.

- Thus achieving the goal of high efficiency and energy conversation. The Electricity bills saved are the profits of the weaving factory.


- Multifunctional display screen is more intuitive and easy to operate.
- The Internet and New communication technologies have achieved high intelligence of the entrire machine.
- Based on ergonomic deisgn, it is ewasier for manual operation.

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