About Us


The company was founded in 1975 in Panipat. And in 1990's the company was moved to Ludhiana. The company's first product was Handloom Jacquard. With well success of handloom jacquard in 1980's company introduced Power mechanical jacquard. Basically, the company's main focus was on Jacquard Machine, in 2008, with extreme experience the AMAR had launched First Electronic Jacquard in INDIA. And in 2015 AMAR had introduced Flexible Rapier Loom. From last 45 years AMAR is continuously serving the market, Recently, AMAR's major manufacturing products are Electronic Jacquard and Rapier Loom.

Electronic Jacquard

Amar Jacquard is trendsetter in design and manufacturer of Electronic Jacquard and Rapier Loom in India. Principally located in Ludhiana (Punjab). Amar Jacquard expertise within their field of textile machinery High speed Electronic Jacquard AND Rapier Loom with advanced weaving technology.

Rapier Loom

Amar Jacquard are the Indian manufacturers and exporters of high speed weaving rapier loom machines with 360cms, 325cms, 300cms, 275cms, 255cms, 225cms, 205cms, 180cms, 150cms and more.


Throughout the history of Amar Jacquard our philosophy remains unchanged, continual investment in Quality and R&D. This resulted in the invention of the automatic electronic jacquard years ago. To our valued customers we have the technology and expertise to consistently offer the very best in speed, reliability, robustness and efficiency within the global marketplace of Jacquard weaving.

Manufacturing excellence from our hub in Ludhiana, Punjab enables us to supply the most technologically advanced Electronic Jacquards, Handloom Jacquard and Weaving Rapier looms whilst professional dedicated and disciplined sales and service departments, operating throughout the world, ensure that Amar customers remain continually satisfied with our products of past, present and for the future.

You are welcome to contact us through our expanding network of sales and service to see how Amar Jacquard can help you achieve your Jacquard requirements.

Customer focus

Amar Jacqurd asserts its position as a global innovator by:

- Offering customers the best products and services in terms of both quality and performance.
- Actively supporting initiatives aimed at improving products and services.
- Maintaining synergy between the needs of customers, suppliers, shareholders, staff and environmental concerns.

Come join us, plan for your future. Let’s design our future together.