Tuck-in Device for Weaving Rapier Loom - AT-S75

Tuck in device is mounted on various types rapier looms to cut off the weft yarn and hook the yarn end into the material fell, weaving the yarn finish within the selvedge through the beating up to make neat selvedge.

AT-S75 tuck in device offered by us is designed using premium quality components in accordance with industry norms.

Features: Tuck-in Device - AT-S75

Application various types of imported and domestic rapier looms
Spec left & right, left & middle & right
Max speed 430rpm
Suitable yarns natural fiber including cotton, wool, linen, poliester, viscose, silk, chemical fiber, blended fiber, FRP, flat yarn, round yarn, other heavy fabrics and mesh fabrics.
Installation easy to install and adapt


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