High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600

AHR-3600 is expertise develops structural architecture concepts involving the whole machine project – mechanics, electronics and communication systems – to provide the most advantageous weaving machine configurations to produce high quality fabrics for any sector, widening weaver’s market access in an extensive variety of arrangement options.

AHR-3600 is a high speed Rapier Weaving Machine with wide weaving versatility. Filling insertion rates up to 1350m/minute. reed space range 170~360cm; it is suitable to weave various fabric such as wool fabric, cotton fabric, denim, corduroy, rayon, synthetic filament, silk, upholster fabric, industrial & percolation fabric, filter cloth, linen, glass fiber etc.


Features: High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600

Reed width 170. 190. 200. 220. 230. 240. 260. 290. 320. 340. 360. 380cm.
Yarn range Cotton and man-made fiber yarn: 500tex (1.2Ne)~5tex(120Ne)
Slub & worsted: 680tex(1.5Nm)~10tex(100Nm)
Filament 10dtex (9Td)~1650dtex(100Td)
Fabric weight: 20~850g/m2
Shedding - High speed Electronic Jacquard
- High-speed electronic dobby, 20 shafts and 24 shafts
- positive cam motion max 8 shafts


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