Electronic Jacquard - Gravity Series - 4032 to 12096 Hooks

Amar Electronic Jacquard Machines Gravity Model are ideal for weaving Flat Fabrics, Terry Cloth and Technical Fabrics on all types of Rapier, Airjet and Waterjet Looms. They produce excellent results in nearly all applications whether with Terry Cloth, Sarees, Shawls, Stolls, Blankets, Curtains as well as Technical Items.


- The Jacquard Machines GRAVITY and GRAVITY PLUS are very robust, wear-resistant and designed for many years of daily use with a minimum of maintenance.
- Quick and Easy to Install
-  Suitable for very Heavy Load Weaving
- Precise Kinematics with No Vibration
- Low Friction Engineering reduces Energy Consumption
- Safe, Straight Forward Access to make Machine Adjustment


Features: Electronic Jacquard - Gravity Model & Gravity Plus - 4032 to 12096 Hooks

Field of Application All types of Weaving Machines (Rapier Looms, Waterjet Looms and Airjet Looms)
Fabrics Suitability All Flat Fabrics and Technical Fabrics (Sarees, Shawls, Stolls, Blankets, Curtains, Pashmina etc.)
Formats Available

-4032 Hooks - (21 rows of 24 Modules)
-5376 Hooks - (28 rows of 24 Modules)
-6720 Hooks - (35 rows of 24 Modules)
-8064 Hooks - (42 rows of 24 Modules)
-10752Hooks -(42 rows of 32 Modules)
-12096Hooks -(63 rows of 24 Modules)

Drive System and Shedding - Double lift open shed Jacquard Machine
- Precise Adjustment of Shed Geometry
- Main Drive available with Chain & Gear Box
- High Quality Aluminium Blades for Low Vibration
- Shedding option from 60mm to 125mm
Hook Selection - Amar M5 Modules with Quick Link Connection
Controller - Amar Ver. 2021 Control Unit synchronized with Weaving Machines
- Internal Storage upto 32GB
- Synchronize with all weaving machines
- File support EP and BMP


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