Electronic Jacquard - Compass Model - 448,640,704 & 960 Hooks

Compass Model of Electronic Jacquard Machine is Ideal for weaving Flat Fabrics on all types of Powerlooms (Shuttle Looms). This Jacquard Machine is available in two formats: 960 Hooks and 1344 Hooks.


- This Jacquard Model is designed for many years of daily use with minimum maintenance. Due to its compactness the machine can easily be integrated in any weaving mill.
- Quick and Easy to Install
- Gear Mechanism with No Vibration
- Low Friction Engineering reduces Energy Consumption
- Shedding Adjustment option from 75mm to 100mm
- Low Height & Low Weight
- Easy to Handle
- Maintenance Free Mechanism
- All Bearings are with High Quality with Self Lubrication


Features: Electronic Jacquard - Compass Model - 448,640,704 & 960 Hooks

Field of Application All types of Shuttle Looms and Crank Type Rapier Loom
Fabrics Suitability All Flat Fabrics. (Shawls, Stolls, Sarees etc.)
Formats Available

-448 hooks -  ( 7 rows of 8 Modules)
-640 hooks -  (10 rows of 8 Modules)
-704 hooks -  (11 rows of 8 Modules)
-960 Hooks -  (15 rows of 8 Modules)

Drive System and Shedding - Double lift open shed Jacquard Machine
- Precise Adjustment of Shed Geometry
- Main Drive available with Chain & Gear Box
- High Quality Gears with minimum life of 8years
- Shedding option from 75mm to 100mm
Hook Selection - Amar M5 Modules with Quick Link Connection
Controller - Amar Ver. 2021 Control Unit synchronized with Weaving Machines
- Internal Storage upto 32GB
- Saree-Border Feature available in STT. Format
- Unlimited Break Modes
- All Files, Single File and Selected File mode available


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