Arrow Series - Name Writer Electronic Jacquard / Labeling on selvedges Jacquard

The new generation of Name Jacquard machines, the ARROW SERIES, provides true added value to premier fabrics by enabling the brand name to be woven into selvedges, hereby guarding against counterfeit.

The high-performance ARROW SERIES Jacquard machine is particularly suitable for weaving custom labelling into selvedges and fabrics of designer garments woven with wool or cotton.


- Robust, dust-proof, ergonomic design ensures stable and vibration-free machinery
- Highly adaptable to weaving reed width
- New Mini-Quick connector facilitates hooking and unhooking the harness cords
- User-friendly AMAR controller with intuitive Display and brand new mechatronics design enhances stability of signal transmission


Thanks to AMAR revolutionary positioning design, now weavers are able to position the Jacquard heads at any point on the reed width without any too.

Intuitive Jacquard controller AMAR

- Industry 4.0 compliant and designed to be the future of digitalization
- New intelligent electronic architecture which ensures accurate and verified data transmission
- User-friendly interface with larger capacity
- Compact construction design provides outstanding dimensional stability
- Stress free responsive control

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