Amar I Series Controller

Single port for Connection of Weft Sensor, Warp Stop Motion and Weft Feeders.

LCD Display:
LCD Display shows RPM (Speed), Weft Finger Detail

Error Detections:
Warp Error, Weft Errors Stopped / Detected in Display while any Error occurs

Machine Round Stop:
Machine Round stop option is there by the ingle command on panel. When machine could stop while any Error.

Weft Sensor By-Pass:
There is option for operator to By-Pass the Weft Sensor as per Requirement.

There are also Alarms / Indicators on machine, If any Error occurs.

Let Off / Take Up Stop:
There is option to stop Let-Off & Take Up Mothion through switch or commanding in design as per requirements.

Rapier Loom Features

- Shedding: Amar dobby (20 frames), Amar Cam motion 4 frames, Amar Electric Jacquard & Attachmet upto 5376 Hooks.
- Mechanical Continuous take up motion
- Warp Beam: Single Beam Diameter 600mm
- Electric or Electronic warp stop motion with 6 or 8 rows and Drop pins
- No need of any Lubrication, Machine is totally Bearing Based
- Law Maintenance
- Fully M.S. (mild steel) based Machine Structure
- Weft Transfer Systems: Through Rapier Heads
- Positive Let Off Motion or Electronic
- Electronic weft selector 6 or 8 colors
- No need of Expert Technician very user friendly
- Small & Big Weft Feeder
- Motor: 2 H.P. for Upto 90 inch and 3 H.P. for other big size.
- Electronic Creaming Motion with Combined stop of Let Off & Take up Motion
- Auto Pick finding. No need for Matching pick of Fabric, while breaking of Weft Yarn
- Let Off & Take Up Connected with common shaft.
- Pick Density: 19 Picks per inch, Max 150 Picks per inch
- Applicable Yarn: Polyester, Viscos, Acrylic, Roto, Wool, Cotton Yarn & Other Synthetic Yarns.
- Synchronizationof Electronic Jacquard with Rapier loom through only singhle data cable
- Fully Electronic Let Off & Take Up Connected with Sarvo Motors & with Touch Control Panel